Pilot Program

Nine Four Ventures partners with the Laramar Group, a national multifamily property owner and operator with a 30 year track record, to provide startups the opportunity to test their products or platforms on operating properties across various markets and units. Together, our experience, industry connections and vast market reach allows us to provide educated insights to cultivate the advancement of real estate technological innovation. Our objective is to provide valuable operational feedback that allows participating companies to capture a holistic view of their capabilities and path for growth.

Through the Pilot Program, companies will be matched with appropriate markets, assets and teams for a three to six month period where they will have the opportunity to deploy and test their products, receive “feedback from the field”, and exposure to a potentially large customer-base.

In order for startups to receive the most impactful and useful feedback about how their products operate, designated teams from Laramar operations will provide regular assessments based on dedicated topics curated between pilot company participants and the Nine Four Ventures’ pilot team.

At Nine Four Ventures, we believe that concepts require real-world attention and experience to thrive. As we think about the relationship between technology and multifamily assets, innovation becomes more valuable once it is applied and tested on the people and places in which we operate.


What we’re looking for:

~ Thoughtful, innovative startups in the multifamily space

~ Companies that have a customer-ready platform/software

~ Advanced, problem-solving platforms or products that will update/improve systems, procedure and quality of life in the multifamily space.

~A 3 month to 6 month commitment


If you feel you have a product that is ready to be tested within the Laramar portfolio, we’d love to hear from you.

“We aim to partner with leaders in the industry and innovative, forward-thinking portfolios. The team at Laramar, from the asset managers to the on-site staff, seamlessly embraced our platform and have already seen some quick wins. We are excited to expand upon the first phase of this partnership and to help Laramar surpass its goals and objectives.”

– Connell McGill, Founder and CEO of Enertiv

Pilots in Progress

Aptly uses AI and machine learning to help property teams drive higher retention and renewals.


To increase customer retention and customer happiness by prioritizing incoming issues and using templates to provide timely responses to residents and prospects

Doorport uses software and minimal hardware to make existing intercom systems smarter


To provide residents and management with the ability to unlock the building’s front door as they approach and give secure access to visitors and service providers.


Enertiv streamlines building operations by digitizing the physical infrastructure of commercial real estate portfolios.


To digitize, track and monitor the performance of building equipment in order to reduce energy usage and assist in preventative maintenance

Forte streams live & on-demand fitness classes from well-known boutique studios worldwide directly to mobile devices.

To provide residents an amenity in buildings that traditionally do not have fitness centers and to test the marketing of a service through Laramar’s residents

hOp helps residents build connections in and around your property through mobile communication and local perks.

To provide discounts to local businesses as a perk of being a Laramar resident as well as a communication platform for residents